Individual training

Your highly professional language trainer works with a custom taylored courseplan. He or she will help you to go where you want to go. Together you will define your lessonplans and at the end you celebrate your achievements.

Why you want individual training:

  • you decide when you want to start
  • you say when you want to take your classes
  • your teacher is a highly qualified native language trainer
  • your classes take place in Regensburg, Teublitz or wherever in the world trough an interactive virtual classroom

cost: 39 € per 45 min or 52 € per 60 min

We love to hear from you. Give us a call or fill out the contact form.

free language test

Sie wollen heute wissen, auf welchem Sprachniveau Sie stehen? Hier geht’s zum kostenlosen und unverbindlichen Einstufungstest.

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