Go global with aifl

by communicating with your customers and partners in the language they understand best.

ailf helps you in:

  • language acquisition
  • cross-cultural communication

Custom tailored language training

The learning strategy must align with the learning type of your professional. That is fundamental for a successful language acquisition.

aifl finds out which strategy is the appropriate one for your staff and works accordingly.

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Values & Goals


Success in language training for business

Success is measurable. When you see your experts apply what they have learnt, you know that they are successful and are making progress.

The ambassadors' institute of foreign languages takes your experts where they want to get.

aifl language trainers

educated trainers

All language trainers at the aifl institute are handpicked, licensed and native speakers of the language they teach. They are being trained regularly for online teaching via virtual classroom.

Cross-culture communication

value cross-culture communication

At least as essential as language learning is proficiency in cross-culture communication.

Our language coaches are professional native speakers who are also trained in teaching about the communication culture of your target language and business partners.

Business solutions

Modules before the training

Even before the actual language training program of the aifl institute begins with the following steps:

  1. Test the language level
  2. Test the learning type
  3. Create an individual course curriculum (in accordance to the language level, study goal, time available)
  4. Cultural Orientation

Modules during the class period

The course program is split into six modules that can be individually configured and matched.

  1. Interactive online language training with licensed language trainer
  2. Custom tailored vocabulary list
  3. Learning by doing the job (help in translation of documents and presentations)
  4. Awareness training in cross-cultural differences in communicating via telephone or email
  5. Cultural Orientation (COI®)
  6. Language trainer comes to your office

Book 100, 250, 500 or 1000 language lessons in bulk and profit from special discounts for individual or group instruction.

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